Project detail

Family collections; scrapbooks, photo-albums and personal papers

Assist families in the preservation of their own treasured archives. Prepare and disseminate
digital copies, safely rehouse fragile originals.

The Collections

We work with families to improve intellectual and physical access to their own treasured archives, be they boxes of snapshots, scrapbooks of collected ephemera, or love letters preserved by aging grandparents. Recent sizable projects have included work on the photograph albums of Jay and Cindy Pritzker (a collection that included nearly 15,000 snapshots), and the digitization of more than 80 family scrapbooks prior to their acquisition by the Chicago History Museum.
Illinois Institute of Technology Archives Assistant Meghan Courtney conducts an inventory of snapshots from the Jay and Cindy Pritzker family
photograph collection.
Illinois Institute of Technology Archives Photographer Diane Alexander White prepares high-resolution digital copies of scrapbooks for Armstrong-Johnston.

The Work

In collaboration with family ambassadors, we develop a plan of work that addresses the unique goals of individual families, while also improving prospects for long-term preservation. Armstrong-Johnston draws on the expertise of local conservators, photographers, and developers to assist in the realization of these goals. Examples of work may include the creation of digital copies for family members, the removal of materials from non-archival albums (such as those with “magnetic pages”), and the organization of ephemera into chronological or thematic albums.

We are committed to the preservation and access of historic materials, whether found in museums, libraries, or a family’s basements and attics.

Archival services:

Flatbed scanning, digital photography

Conservation treatments; adhesive removal, paper repairs

Create on-line albums and archives

Appraisals and content evaluation

Arrangement and description

Archival rehousing

"It's so gratifying to work with Armstrong-Johnston. Leigh and Mindy's professionalism and sensitivity to the long-term preservation of archival materials, including family snapshots, is of the highest grade."

Laura Moeller

Contract conservator